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Kentucky Truck Driver School

Earn Up To $40,000 1st Year

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Attend Truck Driver School With Paid Training

Earn Up To $40,000 1st Year Driving With PAM Transport

Kentucky Truck Driver School Options & Trucking Jobs

Kentucky truck driver trainees needed! Become a truck driver with company-paid school for a Class A CDL. Company sponsored truck driving school with paid on-the-job training is being offered by PAM Transport for Kentucky truck drivers. This paid training program allows new truckers to master the driving skills and the opportunity to earn up to $40,000 in the first year. No previous trucking experience is needed. PAM Transport provides a 2-phase training program. First, attend truck driver school with no upfront tuition costs through our training sponsorship. After CDL training, receive paid on-the-job training while driving with a driver trainer.

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Kentucky Truck Driver Trainees Needed!

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No Upfront Tuition For Truck Driver School

Please don't pay $5,000 or more to a Kentucky truck driver school! Earn a paycheck sooner and paying nothing upfront for CDL training from PAM Transport. The company sponsored truck driving school can be completed in just 3 to 4 weeks. PAM Transport is partnering with Driver Solutions to provide sponsored CDL training along with an Kentucky-based trucking job earning up to $40,000 the first year. There's no upfront tuition costs and no credit requirements to attend this CDL training program.