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PAM Transport offers a unique way to help you obtain a CDL and begin a career as a truck driver. By partnering with Driver Solutions, we’re able to offer company-paid training for a Class A CDL. Once you complete training, we’ve got a new driving job waiting for you. We’ll help you get on the road earning a paycheck in just about a month.

We understand that starting a new career means there’ll be lots of questions. Here you’ll find some answers to the most common questions we receive. Check out these answers and when you are ready, take about 10 minutes to complete the online application. It’s free and there’s no obligation.

CDL Training Questions

How much does CDL training cost?

Our company-sponsored training program gives you the opportunity to attend CDL training without any upfront tuition costs or down payments. By teaming up with Driver Solutions, PAM Transport is offering the easiest way to begin a trucking career with a Class A CDL. In return, we request that you drive for us for 12 months after getting your CDL.

Learn more about how company-paid training works.

How do I get started?

The first step is to complete the online application. There’s no cost and no obligation to apply. By completing the application, you give us a chance to discuss specific opportunities that may be available to you.

After you submit the application, a Driver Solutions recruiter will review your information and answer any additional questions. Once we’ve checked out your background, arrangements will be made for you to train at truck driving school.

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When can I begin the training?

Most new drivers want to get started in the training program right away. A new training class begins every Monday each week of the year. Your Driver Solutions recruiter will make arrangements for you to begin training as soon as possible.
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Will I have a job after training?

Our CDL training program is offered to new drivers who will join our fleet after graduation.

Will I be paid during training?

After you complete the truck driving school, you’ll begin the paid on-the-job training with an experienced driver trainer. The OTR training phase provides a weekly salary after which you’ll become a first seat driver.

How much money will I make?

First year drivers with PAM Transport have the opportunity to earn up to $40,000 including a $1,200 sign on bonus.

What are the requirements?

You’ll need meet these minimum requirements:

  • You must be at least 22 years of age. 
  • You must hold a current, valid U.S.-based driver’s license.

A valid driver's license means your driving privileges aren’t currently suspended and there are no outstanding or unpaid tickets for moving violations.

Discover the basic driver qualifications.

Where will I be driving?

The simple answer to where you will be driving is anywhere and everywhere that PAM Transport hauls freight. That includes the 48 contiguous states and possibly portions of Canada.

This is an over-the-road driving position and requires drivers to be on the road about 2 weeks at time. Local driving positions are not available.

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